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African Merge
Investment Form 

Thank you for having an interest in developing our community through group economics and investment.  Proceeds from your investments will be used to fund various projects and services listed on the Merge Project Investment document ( select the "Invest" tab to read).  Please fill out the investment form below. Once you have submitted your investment form a Merge representative will be in contact with you.


Thank you for investing in our community !

Thank you for investing! A Merge Representative will be in contact with you shortly

Investment Policy    

You may cancel your investment commitment for any reason and any time until 48 hours prior to the end of your initial payment date specified by African Merge Limited and receive a refund of your investment without any charges, penalties, or fees.


To do so, email with your request to cancel your investment.


After the end of the 48 hours period,  you may not request for a refund or cancel your investment. Your investment is a commitment of at least 1 year (12 months).

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